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    When you hire Greenstone,

    you'll get more than just a construction company.

    Greenstone Construction LLC is a licensed General Contractor in SC, NC, and GA focused on water and wastewater facility construction and maintenance. Greenstone was founded in 2008 by Steve Goldie to support his vision of an integrated team of engineers, construction managers, and technical specialists providing comprehensive utilities, design, construction, operation, and ownership.

    Greenstone is proud to be a part of the Goldie Team. The team brings over 30 years of real-world experience in solving problems, meeting deadlines, managing projects, resolving regulatory nightmares, and satisfying customers just like you.

    you'll get more than just a quick fix

    Whether your utilities project requires full scale design and construction, routine maintenance, or emergency repairs, we can help! We will evaluate your project with you and recommend the best course of action for your situation.

    We do this every day. Let us help you!

    Design/Build Services

    Design Build

    Greenstone is proud to work with Goldie Associates to offer design/build services to our clients. Because we have experience designing, constructing, owning and operating our own facilities as well as client facilities, our design/build process offers the following benefits:


    You’ve got other things to invest your time in besides meetings with multiple project managers at different times, trying desperately to get them all on the same page. Greenstone will provide you with one project manager who will make sure all your details are taken care of, on time, and in budget. Your project manager will make your vision become reality while you focus on the things that you do best. And, the best part is that you will know what to expect from the beginning. No surprises!


    Saving time and money is important to everyone. Our design/build approach helps you do this because the engineer and the builder are on the same team, working together, eliminating the need to redesign again and again due to high construction estimates. By working together, we design it to meet your specifications and budget the first time.


    In the traditional process, after the design is completed and approved by the customer, it is sent out to bid. The bids are collected and reviewed, and if the estimates are acceptable, one is chosen. By utilizing our design/build services, we are able to streamline the process to allow costing and design to happen at the same time. This significantly shortens the amount of time the process takes.


    When you work with us, you will have one point of contact. Your project manager will be the one keeping everyone accountable to do their jobs. He or she will take ownership of completing your project on schedule, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

    Its 3 a.m. and the phone rings.

    Did your worst nightmare just come true?

    Sanitary Sewer Overflow

    We offer maintenance agreements.

    Too often, utility systems are operating in reactionary mode, often due to limited staffing and budgeting. Greenstone specializes in providing comprehensive routine system evaluations and maintenance, a process demonstrated to lower system costs and increase regulatory compliance.

    We offer a phased approach.

    We understand that your budget won't allow you to do everything you've dreamed of all at once. We'll work with you to evaluate your priority areas and come up with a phase-in plan that will meet your immediate needs now and help you plan for tomorrow.

    We offer working solutions.

    In some situations, replacing broken parts doesn't fix the underlying problem. Because Greenstone is part of a team of engineers, system operators, and compliance specialists, we are able to assess system problems, and when necessary, design and implement solutions, providing long term cost savings and eliminating those 3 a.m. calls.

    We offer help with compliance.

    Most water / wastewater systems are regulated to require some level of routine maintenance, through CMOM or similar programs. As a worst case, you may be under Consent Order to rehabilitate and maintain your system. Greenstone and the Goldie Team can relieve much of this burden, provide the necessary compliance services, respond to your regulators, and provide peace of mind.

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    Greenstone Construction LLC is an unlimited General Contractor, specializing in construction and maintenance of water and wastewater utilities (including conveyance lines, pump stations, treatment systems) and other site infrastructure.

    Greenstone was originally established to serve developers in construciton of private development systems, but our scope and capabilities have increased. We now provide teamed, cost-effective construction solutions for any infrastructure project, including design and operational consultation along with our traditional construction efforts.

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